F.B.O. & Maintenance Facilities

EagleSpan® designs world class aviation buildings for F.B.O's and aircraft maintenance companies throughout North America and worldwide. Our competent Sales and Engineering staff are happy to assist with a cost effective hangar or office design using our patented EagleBeam®.

EagleBeam® features a white primer finish that works well as a stand alone product. The EagleBeam® can also easily be painted with a custom color at the factory to suit the job. In addition, EagleBeam® yields an outstanding strength to weight ratio that produces clean, uncluttered designs that can be erected more efficiently than other building systems and with reduced equipment requirements.

At EagleSpan®, we offer several options for your exterior finishes. Our ADP panel comes in several colors and is our most cost effective exterior product. We also have several concealed fasten type panels with high quality painted flat or stucco finishes. If the design calls for tilt-up concrete or CMU block, we can design accordingly.

Current finished projects include Peregrine Point, LLC, Forth Worth Alliance Field, Flight Star Maintenance Facility, Jacksonville, Florida, Precision Aircraft, Centennial Airport, Colorado, Big Piney, Wyoming, and National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Jefferson County Airport, Colorado.

For the most innovative and functional hangar available today please contact us.

For a quote, please call toll-free 877-672-0771



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